Things are getting interesting

Things are getting interesting


I'm so glad you are here, I want to use this blog so that you can get to know me. I am passionate about mental health and devote so much of my time to understanding it. This blog offers me the chance to just be a human figuring out life like everyone else I meet in the world. 

Fun facts:

1. I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana


3. I am a DOG LOVER! Smokey is my 3 year old Maltipoo

4. I am a product junkie, I will try all types of products for various things.

5. I have alopecia, ugh bummer

6. I struggle with migraines and have since I was about 24, they are the worst

7. I get the worst cramps, I don't know what's worse the migraines or these

These last two things are what brought about this blog. This morning I had an appointment with my primary care physician and she kindly informed me that my birth control was exacerbating my migraines. This left me with the decision of which pain was the one I was willing to deal with. I continued to think about this decision off and on throughout the day and it reminded me of the many times in my life where difficult decisions arose. In using a wise mind (both rational thinking and making sure my emotions are taken care of as well), I still had some trouble making sense of what was told to me and how I could reach a decision that was satisfying. I then tried a pros and cons list, REST skills, before deciding on radical acceptance. After going through the skills that I know, I realized that sometimes we have try multiple things and we still might not make a decision. I ended up using radical acceptance because I don't have to make a decision right now and this is my journey to take, I can try both and make a decision then. Realizing that this is just a moment that I don't have to control right now, it is causing discomfort but not so much that I have to know what to do today. 

Remember life throws curve balls and we are all growing and going through things. Choose what works for you because this is your life journey.

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